The most common questions we receive about T4L Membership Subscriptions and Services.

T4L, We Make It Easy And Enjoyable To Drive A Tesla Electric Vehicle

No more dealership hassles, long dreadful wait times at the DMV waiting lines, insurance, financing, tracking multiple due dates, and endless paperwork.  T4L handles all the details so you can enjoy your new ride and adventures.

About T4L
About T4L
“T4L” or “Transportation 4 Life” 

We are a vehicle subscription service that provides its members with unlimited access to a member selected fleet of Tesla electric vehicles through a monthly member subscription service. 

T4L Membership Subscription includes: 
Insurance, Taxes and Registration, Vehicle Swap, Maintenance covering tires, brakes, batteries, wiper blades and vehicle refresh, Software updates, Supercharging, Roadside Service Support, and 24/7 Concierge Service.
Do I have to commit to a Life-time membership?

No, you choose your minimum mileage commitment with the ability to swap models and increase mileage as you go along.  Though you are not committed to a life-time membership, you will find T4L’s hassle-free, service-friendly approach so enjoyable that you likely will want to be a member for life! 

A few of our policies

  • T4L is the legal owner of all the vehicles.  

  • T4L delivers your vehicle to you.   

  • T4L vehicles are fully electric and require charging station access.  

  • T4L vehicles may not be used for ridesharing services.  

  • T4L vehicles must be driven only in the United States at this time.  

  • At the end of your T4L Subscription, you can return the car, renew your subscription, or swap vehicles for a new model.   

  • T4L handles all the work and details so you can simply enjoy the best value and access to an enjoyable transportation experience! 

Who is eligible?

Our members have good driving records and good credit. You must be 18 years or older to apply. When you apply for an electric vehicle subscription, we check your FICO score and driving record. You may not be eligible if you’ve had recent serious violations like a DUI or other reckless driving incidents. 

Will you run my credit?       

T4L runs a “soft credit pull”, which will not affect your credit score, to determine eligibility. 

Do you offer test drives?       

T4L schedules your test drive with a model of your choice at a Tesla Gallery near you.  

How does insurance work? 

Your T4L subscription includes insurance coverage set at or above the Subscriber’s State requirements.  If Subscriber desires increased coverage, referrals can be made for additional coverage.

What mileage options exist under the Subscription? 

T4L Members choose a minimum mileage subscription option:  5,000, 10,000 and 15,000.  If you exceed the minimum mileage subscribed for, you will simply receive an extra charge at the existing rate per mile for the additional miles. 

Who Can Drive my Vehicle?

Only drivers that are approved and listed in the Subscription Agreement can drive your vehicle.

What if I want to drive a different Tesla vehicle, can I change my subscription? 

Yes, before an order is made, you can change your vehicle. Likewise, once a subscriber, you can SWAP vehicles with an adjustment to your Subscription Agreement, subject to fees.

How does maintenance work?   

Tesla maintenance and servicing is included with your subscription. This includes over-the-air vehicle software updates and remote diagnostics, Tesla Mobile Service and Tesla Service Center provided maintenance depending on the maintenance required. If your car breaks down or you get in an accident, T4L can help you with emergency roadside assistance. T4L requires subscribers to return vehicles to T4L in the same condition as when delivered, excepting normal wear and tear.

What is NOT considered normal wear and tear? 

While you are responsible for keeping the subscribed vehicle in good condition, "Normal wear and tear" is accepted. Items that are EXCESSIVE and that you would be responsible for include

(but are not limited to):   

  • Significant interior damage, such as tears, burns, abrasions or other significant interior damage that are not easily fixed;  

  • Broken or cracked glass surfaces; mirrors, markers, head-lamps and tail-lamps;  

  • Dents, scratches or other exterior abrasions larger than 2 or 3 inches;  

  • Slashes, scratches or other obvious abrasions to the wheels;  

  • Tire sidewall damage;  

  • Any other damage that is not easily fixed;;

How do I get my car and return my car? 

Your car will be delivered to you and picked up by a T4L representative.