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Electric Vehicle Sustainability

Electric vehicles are the new trend worldwide to replace traditional cars using fossil fuel, reducing environmental pollution. Using an EV can help avoid dependence on fossil fuels, such as gasoline and diesel. 


Battery, motor, and energy storage technologies, along with advanced control a...

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Electric Car Subscription - Going From Ownership To Usership

Electric Car Subscription - Going From Ownership To Usership 


Remember when you would dream about that car you always saw in a showroom on your way home from the office?  


How about the new SUV on a TV ad that captivated you? ...

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Car Subscription vs Leasing vs Buying

Car Subscription vs Leasing vs Buying  

If you want to drive a car, there are usually three ways: to buy, rent or lease. But these leave the driver with many, many responsibilities. Now, there's a third alternative: car subscription services.    


The Evolution of Car Subscripti...

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Car Subscription: The Key To Driving The Ev You Want

Traditionally, if you want to drive an electric vehicle and do not want to borrow one from a friend or family member, the only available options are to buy a new or used EV, lease a vehicle, or rent a car. 


Buying an EV can be expensive, and you will need to shop for ca...

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Car Subscription vs Buying a Car: Which is Best For You?

Car Subscription vs Buying a Car: Which Is Best For You? 


The 21st century has brought in many changes for us all. A new technological era where almost everything you wish for is available in an instant. With a better lifestyle and ease of buying, trying something ...

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