Car Subscription Services Are the Features of the Future 

11.28.22 10:54 AM By Aria

Subscription services have taken the entertainment world by storm. Services like Spotify, Netflix, and others have effectively changed how people interact with media. It’s safe to assume that subscription services will extend to spaces beyond the media sooner than expected. The big question is when this trend hits the automotive world significantly, will you grab this great opportunity? 


Automakers have already pivoted to eyeing subscription services as an avenue for continued revenue from customers. Among those leading the charge, the team at Tesla has tied its  Full Self-Driving program to a subscription service. Adding to that, many automakers offer connected services, with some attaching a subscription element. 


Automakers and analysts estimate that 20 to 30 percent of new cars sold in 2025 will be on car subscriptions. More than 90% of households in the United States own a vehicle. However, a shift is happening in the auto industry. Nowadays, people are moving away from car ownership in the traditional sense and moving towards car usership.  


In Norway, the average number of dealership visits when purchasing a vehicle has gone from 4 to 1.1. Europe is turning electric, and the development is fast. EU lawmakers recently backed a new proposal effectively banning the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars starting in 2035. 


Should you try out the car subscription service? Depending on your lifestyle and your needs as a driver, it depends. 


A subscription service is a great entry point into a flexible vehicle access plan for drivers who want the option to mix things up. If you’re a regular driver who just wants an affordable option and don’t mind making a bit of a longer commitment, leasing is the way to go.  


T4L is one of the few electric vehicle subscription companies on the market today, giving world-class car subscription service. The company also offers an all-inclusive membership portal where you can choose the electric vehicle of your choice and enjoy a hassle-free, luxury subscription like never before.   


As a member, you simply pay a monthly subscription amount to have access to drive an electric vehicle of your choice. You will also enjoy concierge priority services guiding you through each step.   


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