Car Subscription: The Key To Driving The Ev You Want

08.30.21 08:16 AM By Aria

Traditionally, if you want to drive an electric vehicle and do not want to borrow one from a friend or family member, the only available options are to buy a new or used EV, lease a vehicle, or rent a car. 


Buying an EV can be expensive, and you will need to shop for car insurance on top of that. 


Leasing is a more convenient option, but you will be committed to concrete terms: 

  • How long you will have use of the vehicle. 

  • How many miles you can drive the EV per year. 

  • The type of insurance you’ll have is all dictated by the lease without much room for flexibility. 



So, as a response to giving you more freedom, a new and much more convenient option has emerged—car subscription.  


A car subscription is a monthly plan that grants you access to a range of vehicles for a flat fee. Compared to the traditional way, car subscription services have much more flexibility. You have more choices about the make and model of your electric vehicle and you can often swap it out for a different one if you grow tired of it.  

  1. T4L, Transportation 4 Life, is one of the few vehicle subscription companies in the USA today offering a world-class car subscription service. As a member, you can experience all the benefits and perks other car enthusiasts do not have access to.   


    The company provides an EV with all the details handled and managed perfectly, including insurance, taxes and registration, vehicle swap, maintenance, vehicle refresh, and software updates. It also includes charging and roadside service support, plus concierge priority service.   


    Your Membership Subscription with T4L also includes home charging equipment and installation. However, the costs of the electricity at home is the responsibility of the T4L Member.   


    T4L provides a method that delivers value and best-in-class services to garner significant customer loyalty, relationship, and growth by offering "Enjoyable & Easy Transportation Access."   


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