Everything You Need To Know About Electric Vehicles

06.28.22 09:19 AM By Aria

When you hear the words "electric vehicle," what are the thoughts that come to your mind? 


Do you have an idea of what an electric car is and how it operates? 


Electric vehicles run on battery power and are thus completely electric. Aside from the passenger and luggage spaces, a fuel source, a gearbox, and a driving unit can be seen in an EV. These components work together to propel the car forward as well as in reverse. 


Driving and Braking  

Conventional gas-powered vehicles and electric vehicles look similar, but they're actually driven a bit differently. Specifically, their braking systems are different. Considering the importance of your brakes, this is an important aspect of how electric vehicles work. 


Electric vehicles have a regenerative braking system. This type of braking system uses the kinetic energy that's generated by the car moving forward. 


Charging and Batteries 

Electric cars have a thermal cooling system like regular vehicles because the batteries used in EVs contain lithium ions prone to heating, especially when used. 


A standard EV can run for more than 400km before needing to be recharged on a full charge. Of course, this depends on the kind of battery used and its capacity. 


One glaringly obvious difference between a conventional vehicle and an electric vehicle is the charging. Whereas you put fuel into a car, you charge the battery of an electric vehicle.  


A common question from potential electric car buyers is how much does it cost to charge an EV? For home charging, the answer requires some math and depends on several factors, mainly how much you drive and the price you pay for household electricity. 

Planning To Drive An EV?

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