How Does Car Subscription Business Model Work?

01.10.22 11:01 AM By Aria

The 21st century has brought many changes to the world, including a new technological era where almost everything you wish for is readily available instantly. With a better lifestyle and ease of owning a thing, trying something new has become popular from time to time. 


Technology is innovating, and there will always be something new and trendy the day after tomorrow. It makes your car depreciate its value over time. Just like everything else, having a car online has become a new norm. 


Statistics and forecasts confirmed that by 2026, car subscription services could account for nearly 10% of all new car sales in both the US and Europe. So, a new and much more convenient option has emerged as a response to giving you more freedom. 


Goodbye to buying and leasing or renting a car... hello, car subscription! 


What Is A Car Subscription? 


A car subscription is a monthly plan that provides you with the use of a car of your choice, with all the related costs and equipment included. The exact length of your contract and the included perks will vary depending on the provider. 


Compared to the traditional method, car subscription services have much more flexibility. You have more options for the make and model of your electric vehicle, and you can often swap it out for a different one if you grow tired of it, or just want to experience a different brand or model. 



Subscriptions have so much to give, which is why customers are taking a revolutionary path from a conventional buying approach to subscribing to the products and services they want.    


Car subscription companies like T4L (Transportation 4 Life) do not just provide a fleet of electric vehicles for their subscribers; these businesses also offer subscribers additional services such as service maintenance for your EV, insurance, and much more! 

T4L Car Subscription Service

T4L, Transportation 4 Life, is one of the few vehicle subscription companies in the USA today offering a world-class car subscription service. As a member, you can experience all the benefits and perks other car enthusiasts do not have access to.  


1. All-Inclusive    

The T4L Membership Subscription includes the EV, car insurance, roadside assistance, and pretty much everything that we have discussed here previously. When you add up all the separate services, you will find T4L is a better value while providing flexibility and hassle-free access, increasing the T4L overall value.    


2. Swap Vehicles    

Depending on the options selected, T4L Members Subscribe to an EV for 1-2 years and can swap to another EV. T4L is currently testing out a Flex-Plan Program that allows its members to use an EV for a few hours or a few months. This is perfect for those special occasions or when you visit a place for a few weeks or months and don’t want to worry about your vehicle needs.    


3. No More Car Ownership Hassles   

Car ownership comes with frustrations with paperwork, maintenance issues and payments to various parties that you do not want to go through again. Subscription models change this to car USERSHIP that values the behavior, needs, wants, and preferences of the electric vehicle enthusiast. You get to enjoy driving a fleet of electric vehicles like never before with the flexibility of your subscription.