How Far Can Electric Vehicles Go On One Charge?

11.29.21 12:29 PM By Aria

Electric vehicles are fun and practical to drive. By choosing to drive an EV, you are helping to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions. According to a study, an EV has zero exhaust emissions but still creates greenhouse gas emissions when charged from the electricity grid.  


Public charging stations, or electric vehicle supply equipment, are not as ubiquitous as gas stations. However, charging equipment manufacturers, automakers, utilities, coalitions, municipalities, and government agencies are rapidly establishing a national network of public charging stations.  


This is where electric vehicles show cost advantages over petrol and diesel. It is significantly cheaper to charge an electric car than to fill up a fuel tank of a traditional car. But take note that the cost will depend on the brand and model of EV you have. 


Those EVs with small batteries will be much cheaper than those with big batteries that can travel for hundreds of kilometers without recharging. How much it will cost will also depend on what electricity tariff you are on. 


How far can an electric vehicle drive? 


According to OVO Energy, an energy supply company based in England, the average distance a regular electric car can go on a single charge is 193 miles.  


But of course, as technology has improved, the standard capacity of EV batteries has also improved. EVs nowadays are more likely to have a range of 100 miles to 300 or even 400 miles on a single charge. 


Of course, how far your electric car can drive on a single charge will depend on many factors unique to you and your vehicle. Consider things like: How big is your battery? How old is the EV? How fast do you typically drive? 

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