Is Car Subscription The Future Of  Car Ownership 

01.29.22 09:23 AM By Aria

Unlike car rental or leasing contracts, car subscription services offer considerably more flexibility. Customers can upgrade to newer or different vehicle models or simply switch vehicles and have those vehicles delivered to their homes. 


A car subscription can be a weekly or month-by-month contract and only stop when you decide to cancel or swap your vehicle. Car Subscription providers such as T4L, usually include amazingly inclusive perks and benefits for their members.  


Everything from maintenance such as repairs, tires, brakes, batteries, wiper blades are included. T4L also includes servicing insurance, taxes, billing, registration, charging, tickets, upgrades, vehicle refreshes, software/technology issues, and changing vehicles.  


Aside from having the benefit of bundling all your payments into one, you'll also have access to an electric vehicle library from which you can pick and choose different models to swap. Just like switching between films or albums on your favorite streaming service - as easy as that! 


Car Subscription: From Ownership to Usership 


In the last few years, people just aren't as interested in filling up their lives with possessions. We used to equate success with materialism -- a fancy car, a big house, nice clothes. Today, we're all seeking experiences.   


But here's the thing -- while ownership is in decline, usership is on the rise.   


Something fascinating is happening in the global economy right now.  


The car service subscription industry is on an upward trajectory. The companies involved in this business model reach achievements that conventional car dealerships have not.   


By 2024, car subscriptions are predicted to expand to $9.15 billion with a projected 63 percent compound annual growth rate or CAGR. In 2022, a 2019 research from Ipsos stated that the car subscription market would grow by a massive 71 percent.   


The interest in the subscription industry is growing consistently. Among the highlighted markets are millennials, with the age group drawn most to the "subscription lifestyle." They found that the lifestyle they are looking for is also in cars. The research further revealed that there is 17 percent saying they were signing up in 2020.   


T4L is one of the few electric vehicle subscription companies on the market today, giving world-class car subscription service. The company also offers an all-inclusive membership portal where you can choose the electric vehicle of your choice and enjoy a hassle-free, luxury subscription like never before.   


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