Is It Worth Switching To Electric Car?

10.26.22 02:52 PM By Aria

As electric cars become less expensive and available worldwide, more and more people are interested in buying them. We cannot blame them because there are many reasons to switch. Aside from the environmental benefits of switching to an EV, such as superb efficiency, cheaper energy costs, less maintenance, and better overall performance. 


With fewer parts, no engine, no oil, less brake wear, and features that require little to no regular maintenance, electric cars have lower maintenance and repair costs than their gas-powered counterparts. Switching to an electric vehicle will really save you lots of time, money, and headaches! 


The nation's charging infrastructure may be growing fast, but anyone looking to make the switch to electric vehicles should have a charging plan. The first step is to determine where you will typically charge the car. Most people do it at home, which is the easiest. But with new electric vehicles and trucks able to drive 200 miles or more on a full charge, some drivers choose to refuel as needed at work or public charging stations. 


Switching to EV is really worth it! 


Want to start your journey and drive the EV of your dream? 


If you want to drive a car, there are usually three ways: to buy, rent or lease. But this leaves the driver with many, many responsibilities. Now, there's a third alternative: car subscription services. 


Unlike buying a car or renting or leasing contracts, car subscription services offer considerably more flexibility. Customers can upgrade to newer or different vehicle models or simply switch vehicles and have those vehicles delivered to their homes.    


T4L, Inc. (Transportation 4 Life), invites you to preview its all-inclusive membership portal, where you can drive an electric vehicle of your choice and enjoy a hassle-free, luxury subscription like never before. One company, one payment to drive your dream car with the flexibility to change.    


As a subscribing member, you only pay a monthly amount for the right to have access to drive the latest EV you want. Your subscription includes insurance, tax and registration, vehicle swaps, refreshments, software updates, charging, roadside service support, and concierge priority services. Maintenance covering tires, brakes, batteries, wiper blades, and more are part of the subscription. 


T4L is a subsidiary of Gravitas Infinitum, LLC. For more information on their car service subscription and to sign up for a luxury car subscription, visit