Reasons to Invest in T4L All-inclusive Car Subscription

08.21.22 01:03 PM By Aria

Crowdfunding, a venture by raising a specific amount of money from a different group of people, is now more popular than ever because it can be an effective way to invest in innovative, potentially high-growth, pre-IPO companies.  


Crowdfunding has provided opportunities for business owners to raise capital from interested individuals. It utilizes smaller amounts of capital from a broad group of individuals to support business ventures rather than traditional resources from large corporations, multinationals, and investment banks. 


Invest and get more amazing perks    


Car subscription companies like T4L, Transportation 4 Life, do not just provide a fleet of electric vehicles for their subscribers. The company also offers its members additional services. Investing in T4L offers these perks: freebies, virtual hangouts with the team, social media shoutouts, and more.  


Here are some reasons to invest in T4L:    


1. Do business with a world-class team    


Allen Witters, CEO of T4L, has earned the Smithsonian Computerworld Award for "Innovation in the IT World." He has worked with multiple high-growth companies, IPO's and exits, leading a world-class management team that takes care of the subscriber accounts.    


The rest of the team is comprised of Jason Gabauer (CFO), John P. Arciero (COO), Dan Bryant (CLO), Luis Camarena (CMO), Tyler Wood (Director ESG), Barb Quasius (Chief EV-Angelist), Cory Witters (COS), and William Baker (Advisor).    


With your investment, you can do business with them, establish new networks, know and see how they work, and gain rapport, plus know the industry secrets for your personal development.    


2. Learn more about the industry    


The car subscription industry is growing exponentially with each person signing on to become a T4L Member and Subscribe to an EV of their choice. Revenue increases, paving the way for the business to propel its projects forward. However, your investment helps drive the business forward.    


Right now, car subscriptions are expanding by $9.15 billion with a projected 63 percent compound annual growth rate or CAGR by 2024. Likewise, the business is growing 400 percent + month over month social media organic growth.    


With your investment, you turn to the business's shareholders and stakeholders, know more about the subscription auto industry and have an exclusive perspective on investors. Hence, you see how the company works.    


And there's more! You also get to hang out with the team that has succeeded in gaining over $3B in previous business deals, know-how tech improves the overall membership experience plus tailored ads for additional revenues, and access the pre-IPO discount.    


"We're rapidly moving towards a subscription-based economy where consumers demand convenience, greater value and flexibility." - Melissa Wilson T4L Investor.  


T4L is seeking the investment capital to super-charge the company as it builds out its EV fleet for subscribing members and keeps pace with the projected growth in its EV subscriptions. This is why it launched an equity crowdfunding campaign. Support the T4L journey today. For more details, visit