Reasons Why You Should Invest With T4L

06.17.22 11:37 AM By Aria

Crowdfunding has provided opportunities for business owners to raise capital from interested individuals. It utilizes smaller amounts of capital from a broad group of individuals to support business ventures rather than traditional resources from large corporations, multinationals, and investment banks.  


T4L officially launched its second round of equity crowdfunding campaign to the public in June 2021, after getting support from family members, close friends and team colleagues.    


The equity crowdfunding campaign is one of many T4L projects with its electric cars offered for subscription to car enthusiasts and everyone who wants to drive an electric vehicle. T4L is partnering with Tesla, Nissan, Porsche and other brands to promote the paradigm shift from car ownership to car usership. 


So, why invest with T4L? 

The first great thing you will have when you invest in T4L is that you will have the chance to be introduced to award-winning T4L Chief Executive Officer Allen Witters and his dedicated world-class management team.  


Secondly, T4L partners with the best insurance companies, financial institutions, and EV manufacturers, which means you have the chance to also connect with them.  


Not only these, but those who have invested so far are getting a perspective of T4L's operational excellence and innovations to achieve a low carbon footprint. The team will also take a closer look at how the company partners with leading institutions to reach its goals and witness how it offers visionary solutions for everyday challenges.  


Fourth, as an investor, you are also considered a member/subscriber to T4L's all-inclusive, hassle-free car subscription. This includes EV, car insurance, roadside assistance, home charging equipment, taxes and registration, flexible vehicle swap, vehicle refresh, and software updates. 


The fifth and most important reason why you should invest with T4L is for you to experience "One Company. One Monthly Payment. Everything Included." 


Car ownership comes with frustrations with paperwork, maintenance issues and payments to various parties you do not want to go through again. With T4L, clients pay a monthly fee. The company will then provide the electric vehicle of your choice with all the details handled and managed by them. You get to enjoy driving a fleet of electric vehicles like never before with the flexibility of your subscription. 


In exchange for you paying a monthly fee, a car subscription service gives you flexible access to a vehicle or fleet of vehicles. While using a service can be pricey, it may be a good option for you to avoid the nuisance of owning or leasing a car.  


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