T4L Continues Its Crowdfunding Campaign At StartEngine

08.14.21 02:25 PM By Aria

 T4L Continues Its Crowdfunding Campaign At StartEngine 

Crowdfunding is a modern way of raising a specific amount of money from a different group of people. It is now more popular than other investing campaigns because it can be an effective way to invest in innovative, potentially high-growth, pre-IPO companies.  


Raising money for a business via crowdfunding isn't that easy. Like any marketing or fundraising campaign, it requires a sound strategy and solid execution.    


T4L + StartEngine 


T4L has launched its 2nd round of equity crowdfunding campaign to engage in a wide range of strategic and influential partnerships. Startup businesses, like T4L, seeking funds use platforms like social media and crowdfunding websites like StartEngine to reach out to people who might not have otherwise become aware of a great new business service model and investment.  


StartEngine is a leading equity crowdfunding platform in the US that allows people to invest and own shares in startups and early-stage companies. It has helped more than 500 companies raise $300M+ from a community of over 400,000 prospective investors.  


According to a recent study, nearly 6 million businesses in the US need capital to grow. StartEngine's mission is to help other entrepreneurs and founders, such as T4L, raise the funds they need to grow and achieve their dreams.  


T4L is positioned to take advantage of the growing market and enthusiasm for electric vehicles and the subscription model as it provides innovation and business know-how to grow the business. With that said, T4L continues its crowdfunding campaign with the help of StartEngine. 


How To Invest In T4L 


1. Visit https://www.t4l.me/  


2. Click on the Chat Now box located at the bottom right of the page.  


3. Fill in the information and your message, then click on Start Chat  


4. Wait for a designated T4L member to get in touch with you.  


You can also shoot us an email or visit our official social media accounts for more details:   

Email Address - info@t4l.me  


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