Why Choose T4L For Electric Vehicle Subscription

    07.06.22 11:44 AM By Aria

    The number of electric vehicles worldwide climbed to 10.9 million in 2020, up by more than three million from the previous year. China remains the undisputed leader with more than five million EVs in its fleet, followed by the USA with 1.77 million. 


    In terms of countries that are switching to EV, Norway, Iceland and Sweden are leading the charge. With plug-in electric vehicles accounting for 74.8%, 45%, and 32.2% respectively in 2020.  


    The car subscription industry is poised for exceptional growth. Customers are introduced to a subscription model that allows companies to create closer connections with them, aside from just providing the products.  


    Customers Prefer Subscribing 


    The subscription-based model has laid the foundation for many businesses and products to follow suit, including car and driver subscriptions.    


    A car subscription is a monthly plan that grants you access to a range of vehicles for a flat fee. Unlike car rental or leasing contracts, car subscription services offer considerably more flexibility. Customers can upgrade to newer or different vehicle models or simply switch vehicles and have those vehicles delivered to their homes.

    T4L's All-Inclusive Electric Vehicle Subscription 

    Subscriptions have so much to give, which is why customers are taking a revolutionary path from a conventional buying approach to subscribing to the products and services they want.    


    With the T4L subscription, customer enthusiasts get everything from car insurance to concierge priority service to guide them each step of the way. The subscription includes taxes and registration, flexible vehicle swaps, vehicle refresh, software updates, charging, and roadside service support. Likewise, maintenance for tires, brakes, batteries, wiper blades, and more are part of the subscription.    


    Why do customers choose to subscribe -- instead of buying or leasing vehicles?    


    1. All-Inclusive    


    The T4L Membership Subscription includes the EV, car insurance, roadside assistance, and pretty much everything that we have discussed here previously. When you add up all the separate services, you will find T4L a better value while providing flexibility and hassle-free access, which further increases the T4L overall value.    


    2. Swap Vehicles    


    Depending on the options selected, T4L Members Subscribe to an EV for 1-2 years and can swap to another EV. T4L is currently testing out a Flex-Plan Program that allows its members to use an EV for a few hours or a few months. This is perfect for those special occasions or when you visit a place for a few weeks or months and don't want to worry about your vehicle needs.    


    3. No More Car Ownership Hassles   


    Car ownership comes with frustrations with paperwork, maintenance issues and payments to various parties that you do not want to go through again. Subscription models change this to car USERSHIP that values the behavior, needs, wants, and preferences of the electric vehicle enthusiast. You get to enjoy driving a fleet of electric vehicles like never before with the flexibility of your subscription.