Why did T4L begin a Crowdfunding campaign?

04.07.21 04:43 PM By Aria

Crowdfunding is a modern way of raising capital through people's collective efforts - friends, family, customers, individual investors, and organizations. This approach taps into the collaborative efforts of a large pool of individuals—primarily online via social media and crowdfunding platforms—and leverages their connections for greater reach and exposure. 


Traditionally, if you want to raise capital to finance a business venture or launch a new product/project, you would need to pack up your business plan and market research. Then, shop your idea around to a limited pool of wealthy individuals and groups of people. 


Crowdfunding is essentially the opposite of the mainstream approach to business finance. It is now more popular than ever because it can be an effective way to invest in innovative, potentially high-growth, pre-IPO companies. 


Businesses nowadays prefer to launch crowdfunding campaigns over donations to provide capital and give resources to the industry. Equity-based crowdfunding is growing in popularity because it allows startup companies to raise money without involving controlling venture capital investors.  


It also allows investors to use vast networks through different platforms and bring connections to entrepreneurs, with the potential to increase entrepreneurship by expanding the pool of investors beyond the traditional circle of owners, relatives, and venture capitalists.  


How Does Crowdfunding Campaign Work?  


Crowdfunding has provided great opportunities for entrepreneurs to raise capital from interested individuals. It utilizes smaller amounts of capital from a broad group of individuals to support business enterprises rather than traditional forms of resources from large corporations, multinationals, and investment banks.     


Those seeking funds use platforms like social media and crowdfunding websites like WeFunder to reach out to people who might not have otherwise become aware of a great new business service model and investment. With WeFunder, companies determine if investors can invest as little as USD 100.   


The most apparent advantage of crowdfunding for a startup company is its ability to provide access to a more extensive and diverse group of investors. However, in most jurisdictions, restrictions apply to who can fund a new business and how much they can contribute. 


T4L Crowdfunding Campaign 


Equity-based crowdfunding allows companies to raise capital by providing equity to investors. This way, new investors can pool investments with the company's investment in hopes that they will receive a good Return On Investment (ROI.) It also offers you the opportunity to earn your equity position in the business that launched the crowdfunding campaign.    


Raising money for a business via crowdfunding isn't that easy. Like any marketing or fundraising campaign, it requires a sound strategy and solid execution.  


T4L is one of the few vehicle subscription companies on the market today offering a world-class car subscription service. As a member, you can experience all the benefits and perks other car enthusiasts do not have access to.   


"Partnering with electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla and Nissan, and the paradigm shift from car ownership to car usership, we make it easy and painless to have the best vehicles," said Allen Witters, T4L Chief Executive Officer.   


T4L has also launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder.com 

How Does T4L Membership Subscription Work?

If you want to drive a car, there are usually three ways to get one: Buy, rent, or lease. But this creates a lot of responsibilities for the driver.   


Now, there's a third alternative: car subscription services.  


In the United States, more than 90% of households own a car. However, a shift is happening in the automobile industry. There is a fast-changing landscape in the automotive transportation market.  


Nowadays, people are moving away from car ownership in the traditional sense.   


As a result, a newly defined business category emerges--the "Subscription Services Model" to replace conventional car ownership or leasing. 


T4L identified and mapped out the intersection of changing car ownership to car usership, the rapid conversion to Electric Vehicles from traditional engines, the digitization of all users with mobile devices, next generations focusing on good Planet Practices, and the success of the client first services models.  


T4L's all-inclusive transportation subscriptions provide ease-of-mind, worry-free, hassle-free use of electric vehicles from Tesla, Nissan Leaf, and soon to other EV brands. 


Clients pay a monthly fee. T4L provides an electric vehicle with all the details handled and managed by T4L, including insurance, taxes and registration, vehicle swap, maintenance, vehicle refresh, software updates, charging, roadside service support, and concierge priority service. 


Depending on the options selected, T4L Members who Subscribe to an EV for 1-2 years can swap to another vehicle. Currently, T4L is rolling out a Flex-Plan Program that allows its members to use an EV for a minimum of 60 days up to 9 months. This program is perfect for people who want to experience the EV lifestyle for a couple of months before deciding to transition to an Electric Vehicle of their choice fully. 


The Flex-Plan Program is also excellent for people who stay a few months in the same place and don't want to be bothered with figuring out all of the details of getting a vehicle.   


Do Business With a World-Class Team    


Allen Witters, CEO of T4L, has earned the Smithsonian Computerworld Award for "Innovation in the IT World." He has worked with multiple high-growth companies, IPO's and exits, leading a world-class management team that takes care of the subscriber accounts.    


The rest of the team is comprised of Jason Gabauer (CFO), John P. Arciero (COO), Dan Bryant (CLO), Luis Camarena (CMO), Tyler Wood (Director ESG), Barb Quasius (Chief EV-Angelist), Cory Witters (COS), and William Baker (Advisor).    


Each T4L Executive Team member has experienced successful businesses and careers in various fields.   


With your investment, you can do business with them, establish new networks, get to know and experience how they work, and gain rapport with the team.    


Here's How To Invest In T4L 


T4L is positioned to take advantage of the growing market and enthusiasm for electric vehicles and the subscription model as it provides innovation and business-know-how to grow the business.   


1. Visit https://wefunder.com/t4l   


2. Fill out the investment amount and click Invest.    


3. Create an account at WeFunder.com and continue with the following steps. 


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An opportunity to invest in T4L and become a T4L Member Subscriber!