Why Switch To An Electric Vehicle Subscription?

12.14.22 05:59 AM By Aria

You've already got a monthly Netflix and Spotify subscription and maybe a veg box delivery service. So, why wouldn't you start subscribing to an electric car on the same month-to-month terms? 


Many independent companies and automakers are jumping on the bandwagon of car subscriptions. The sudden influx of subscription-based car ownership sees at least 20 different companies offering this service worldwide. 


Subscribing to an electric car means you can have a greener vehicle in your driveway for a little commitment. The convenience of all-inclusive fees covers your maintenance, insurance, road tax and roadside assistance. All you need to worry about is your parking and fuel charges. 


T4L's All-Inclusive Membership Subscription  


T4L is one of the few vehicle subscription companies on the market today giving world-class car subscription service. The company provides a method that delivers value and best-in-class services to develop member relationships and garner significant customer loyalty that drives growth by providing "Enjoyable, Easy & Flexible Transportation Access."    


Why do customers choose to subscribe -- instead of buying or leasing vehicles?     


1. All-Inclusive     

The T4L Membership Subscription includes the EV, car insurance, roadside assistance, and pretty much everything that we have discussed here previously. When you add up all the separate services, you will find T4L a better value while providing flexibility and hassle-free access, increasing the T4L overall value.     


2. Swap Vehicles     

Depending on the options selected, T4L Members Subscribe to an EV for 1-2 years and can swap to another EV. T4L is currently testing out a Flex-Plan Program that allows its members to use an EV for a few hours or months. This is perfect for those special occasions or when you visit a place for a few weeks or months and don't want to worry about your vehicle needs.     


3. No More Car Ownership Hassles    

Car ownership comes with frustrations with paperwork, maintenance issues and payments to various parties that you do not want to go through again. Subscription models change this to a car USERSHIP that values the electric vehicle enthusiast's behavior, needs, wants, and preferences. You get to enjoy driving a fleet of electric vehicles like never before with the flexibility of your subscription.      


For more information on our car service subscription and to sign up for a luxury car subscription, visit https://www.t4l.me and invest in an innovative transportation lifestyle.