How does car subscription work?

T4L members pay a monthly subscription amount for the right to have access to drive an electric vehicle. The subscription includes insurance, taxes and registration, vehicle swaps, vehicle refresh, software updates, charging, roadside service support, and concierge priority services. Maintenance covering tires, brakes, batteries, wiper blades, and more are included. T4L is simplifying access to your Electric Vehicle Journey.

How to subscribe to an Electric Vehicle of my choice?

You simply visit the T4L website and send us a chat message or email us at and one of our experts will get in touch with you to explain in detail and guide you through the hassle-free subscription process.

What’s the difference between car subscription and leasing?

Unlike buying a car, or rental or leasing contracts, car subscription services offer considerably more flexibility. Clients can upgrade to newer or different vehicle models or simply switch vehicles and have those vehicles delivered to their homes

Where can I get my car when I subscribe?

Where can I get my car when I subscribe?

When all subscription processes have been accomplished, your EV will be ready for you for pick up at the EV company showroom nearest your location.

How do I pay the recharge thru credit cards?

T4L provides a T4L Charge Card that can be used at any third-party charging station, such as Charge Point, to charge your EV up to your annual mileage package you've selected.  For example, if you have chosen the 10,000 annual mileage package, you can use your T4L Charge Card to pay for charging your EV at third-party charging stations up to 10,000 miles a year.

How much do I pay when I subscribe?

It depends on the exact configuration of your EV choice and location of the potential subscriber. 

How can I switch cars?

Vehicle swap is permissible after finishing the full subscription term. 

How does EV charging work?

Charging an electric car is a simple process: you simply plug your car into a charger that is connected to the electric grid. An EV charger pulls an electrical current from either a 240v outlet or the grid it's hardwired to and delivers that electricity to the vehicle, just like any other appliance or device you charge by plugging into the wall.

How payments work?

As a T4L subscribing member, you simply pay an affordable 

How long does it take to charge an EV?

The time it takes to charge an electric car can be as little as 30 minutes or more than 12 hours. This depends on the size of the battery and the speed of the charging point. A typical electric car (60kWh battery) takes just under 8 hours to charge from empty-to-full with a 7kW charging point.

How can I cancel the car subscriptions?

How can I cancel the car subscriptions?  

Is charging included within the car subscriptions?

YES, charging is included within the T4L car subscriptions.

What is the advantage of EV subscriptions?

The major advantage of the T4L Car Subscription is the all-inclusive monthly payment that consolidates the usual costs of owning or leasing a car. Additionally, most subscriptions come with the convenience of vehicle delivery and pickup, so you never have to leave your home to swap vehicles.

Am I allowed to let others drive my EV?

YES, as long as you take the responsibility. It is still in your name, and it is accountable to you. You need to fill out a form for your additional driver/s with the car subscription company so that the subscription company in turn can have your additional driver/s duly registered.

What does it mean when a car is on a subscription?

A car subscription plan is a service that offers use of an agreement of 2 parties (driver and company) for a monthly subscription fee. For less than the cost of a lease, an automotive subscription provides the opportunity to drive a vehicle with few associated costs other than fuel.

Is the charging cable included or do I need to pay separately?

For Model S, X, and Porsche, home charging kits are covered up to $1200 

How much is the cost?

Costs vary depending on the type of vehicle, configuration, and location of the subscriber. 

Do I need to give advance payments?
For payments, we would require 5-months of prepayments. 
The 4-months of prepayments will be used in the last four months of your subscription term and 1-month advanced payment.
What subscription plan is available?

There is only one simplified plan at T4L. 
One monthly payment with everything included. 

What documents are required for the car subscription?

Completed Driver On boarding form 

Driver’s License front and back 

Credit score  

Clean Motor Vehicle Report 

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What are the benefits of subscribing to EVs compared to car loans?

The most important benefit of a T4L Membership Subscription is that it is all-inclusive - from the EV, car insurance, charging, maintenance and service, to roadside assistance, and concierge service. Compared to loans, car subscription services have much more flexibility. You have more options for the make and model of your electric vehicle, and you can often swap it out for a different one if you grow tired of it, or just want to experience a different brand or model.

What servicing is required on electric cars?

An electric car does need servicing at the same intervals as any car. Tire wear and tear, windscreen wiper replacement along with brake fluid changes will all still be needed. The maintenance schedule for an all-electric car is very minimal. About every 7,500 and 22,500 miles there are tire rotations and cabin air filter replacements, respectively. That's about it for the first 100,000 miles!

What is not included within the T4L car subscriptions?

T4L offers an all-inclusive, world-class, hassle free EV subscription. Everything is included so you can experience all the benefits and perks other car enthusiasts cannot access.     

Which automakers offer car subscription services?







Do electric cars need less maintenance?

YES, EVs typically require less maintenance than conventional vehicles because the battery, motor, and associated electronics require little to no regular maintenance. There are fewer fluids, such as engine oil, that require regular maintenance. Brake wear is significantly reduced due to regenerative braking.

What types of EVs are available?

The T4L Membership Subscription has a cool array of EVs you can choose from:

Select the Model, Color, Wheels, Interior, Power & Range You Desire.

Tesla: S, 3, Y, X

Porsche: Taycan Turbo S

Can a car I subscribe to, be delivered to my home?

YES, a car you subscribe to can be delivered to your home on a case to case basis. Your EV is normally picked up at the EV company showroom nearest your location.

Where can I get my car when I subscribe?

When all subscription processes have been accomplished, your EV will be ready for you for pick up at the EV company showroom nearest your location.

Is my car subscription covered by insurance?

YES, your T4L car subscription is covered by insurance. And not only that… as our EV subscription is all-inclusive, it also covers tax and registration, vehicle refresh and software update, maintenance, roadside assistance, and concierge service. 

How does T4L car subscription compare to others?

T4L Membership Subscription has everything included in one monthly payment to give customers back the most precious gift of all – their time. With our all-inclusive EV subscription service, you never have to worry about gas stations, the DMV, paying tickets or tows again. 

What is the minimum subscription period?

2 years