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    Introducing an All Inclusive Membership for
    ​Subscribing to an Electric Vehicle of Your Choice.

    One Company. One Monthly Payment. Everything Included.

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T4L Equity Crowdfunding

Melissa Wilson - T4L Investor

"We invested in T4L because we believe in their management team and because we loved the idea of a subscription model for electric vehicles.

T4L's management team has impressed us early on with their breadth of experience, from their visionary solutions for everyday challenges; operational excellence; and ability to engage a wide range of strategic and influential partnerships.  All with a focus on disruptive innovation and a low carbon footprint.

The auto industry is long due for disruptive innovation. Not just with Tesla’s electric vehicles and bypassing of dealerships, but also how consumers choose to access transportation. We're rapidly moving towards a subscription-based economy where consumers demand convenience, greater value and flexibility."

Introducing a Membership Subscription Service for Electric Vehicles

As a T4L Member, you can subscribe to any Electric Vehicle T4L has available such as Tesla or the Nissan LEAF.  Many other EVs will soon be available.

Simplify Your Transportation Lifestyle

The All-Inclusive T4L Membership Includes: 


✓ Taxes and Registration

✓ Vehicle Swap

✓ Charging (T4L Charge Card and Home Charging)

Roadside Service Support 

Concierge Priority Service

Maintenance Covering Tires, Brakes, Batteries, Wiper Blades, Vehicle Refresh and Software Updates

One Easy Monthly Payment.
T4L Handles Everything For You!​

T4L Members Save Countless Hours and Frustrations Getting An Electric Vehicle.

No More...

😁 Dealership Hassles

😁 Long Dreadful Wait Times at the DMV Lines

😁 Dealing With Insurance Companies

😁 Shopping For Financing Options

😁 Tracking Multiple Payment Due Dates

T4L Subscription Comparison

760 Tesla EV Model Combinations

Select the Model, Color, Wheels, Interior, Power & Range You Want.





Nissan LEAF

In 2020, The NISSAN LEAF celebrated 10 years and over 500,000 vehicles since its entry into the marketplace.  The pricing of the NISSAN LEAF electric vehicles is great for many of our T4L Subscriber Members who are budget minded yet want a new electric vehicle.

Perfect For:
  • Everyday Local Driving
  • Budget-Minded Individuals and Families
  • Short-Trips
  • First Vehicle Drivers
  • Entry Level EV Enthusiasts

*Up To Mile EPA Range 

 62 kWh    226 Mile EPARange* 

T4L Environmental Commitment

T4L pledges to support the betterment of our world and future. Environmental sustainability is of utmost concern. We choose to offer only Electric Vehicles for our exceptional Member Subscription Services.

Become a T4L Member and Subscribe To Your New EV.
Two Simple Ways To Get Started:

Concierge Service

A T4L Member Service Specialist will walk you through the entire membership subscription steps.

Fill out the details below and select "I Want Concierge Service"

A T4L Member Service Specialist will schedule a time to help you configure your new electric vehicle and complete the membership subscription steps.

I Want The Concierge Service


You're ready to start and want to go through the membership steps on your own.

Fill out the details below and select "I'm Ready To Start (DIY)".

A T4L Member Service Specialist will contact you to continue the next steps.  They are available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

I'm Ready To Start

Get Started On Your New Electric Vehicle Journey Today!

Discovery Call



The first step is to have a discovery call to go over details and questions about the T4L Subscription as well the EV you want to subscribe to.

T4L representative will begin the pre-qualification step and guide you through the process to become a T4L Member and subscribe to your EV.

Once the paperwork is complete and deposit is made, we'll prepare everything for the delivery of the EV you subscribed to with T4L.